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About Actuarial Advice

Actuarial Advice B.V. is founded in December 2013 by Marc Simon Visser. Actuarial Advice focuses on giving actuarial advice in different work environments.

Strategical advice

Designing new pension plans and pension products, investigating and supporting liquidations of pension funds, redesign of funding arrangements.

Strategical advice

Presentations and training

Informative presentations, discussion starting presentations, basic training and custom made expert training.

Presentations and training

Project management and support

Process driven and In depth project management and/or project support, in 2014 mainly with respect to the new FTK.

Project management and support

Risk management

Analysing the current risk framework and implemented processes, propose improvements and support implementation.

Risk management

Actuarial Advice

Actuarial advice is a broad term and Actuarial Advice can be hired to do several projects in the actuarial field and related risk management field. Below are some subjects that are currently relevant. These specific subjects are described, because Actuarial Advice can provide added value for your company with respect to these subjects.


The new financial assessment framework (‘FTK’) meanbs that all Dutch pension funds have to redesign their pension arrangements in the near future to comply with legislation. The redesign is not restricted to the pension plan, but also involves changing the administration, communication, documentation and asset management. Over a short period in time the pension organisation has to be analysed and changed where necessary. This needs good planning and communication with all stakeholders. Actuarial Advice can support you with the project planning, discussions with stakeholders and implementation.

Financial arrangements

The current flat rate contributions are under discussion. Actuaries already know that younger generations pay more than the cost price and older generations less with respect to the actuarial price. It seems that the generation discussion will peak in relation to pensions. Therefore it is good to look at alternative ways of financial arrangements and how this can impact your pension plan. Actuarial Advice can support you in this investigation for alternative financial arrangements.

Product development

With the new ‘FTK’ insured pension plans and pension plans of pension funds are less and less the same product. For insurers it will be vital to look for new ways to enter the pension insurance market. The trend is to change from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC), but clients are also interested in guaranteed annuities. Putting the clients wishes in the right perspective may lead to new insurance product for the pension market. Actuarial Advice can be a sparring partner in developing new products and implementing these products.

Process improvement

Many organisations have short term goals and deadlines. This means there is little time to think about structural improvement of their own business processes. In other cases there are not enough resources to implement the known improvements. Actuarial Advice can give a helping hand to analyse the current process, suggest improvements and together with your employees implement the improvements.


Marc Simon Visser


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Marc Simon Visser

Marc Simon Visser has extensive experience in advising different companies, among these are insurers and pension funds. In the past he has worked for Towers Watson, PwC and KPMG. Beside practical experience he has the following theoretical background: He is happy to talk to you about his experience in more detail in a personal conversation, this can also be used to explore the added value he might bring to your organisation.


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